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'Heathers - Hands'
Massage to relax, de-stress & revive

Tel: 07900 492 397

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Treatment room

Enjoy the tranquility of my room for your treatment during the busy day or by candle light in the evening. 

Shut of from the outside world and relax in the peace and quiet,  just the sound of the soothing music allowing you to take yourself to another place. 

Let me relax your muscles, take away your aches and pains, remove the tension and leave you ‘Relaxed, De-Stressed and Revived’ ready to carry on with life.

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I use only the best oils for my massage, Pepperfit use natural ingredients in all of their products to support their drug free sports values. 

All their ingredients are 100% active (which means that they case a change in our bodies) and are chosen for the effects they produce.

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Gel nails

The perfect, glossy nails, with no smudges, wrinkles or chips.
Colours are dry/cured in just 30 seconds and last 2 weeks or longer with care.
No chips, no peeling. Just beautiful looking nails,.
Get ready for summer, just paint and go!

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